School Security

We have taken a number of measures in recent years to improve the security of children at Waterloo. We would ask all parents to observe the following simple rules.

All entries to the school should be via the main entrance unless you are delivering children at the designated points in the morning. All latecomers should  go to the main entrance on arrival. They should NOT be admitted by parents leaving the building by other exits.

No unauthorised person should admit anyone else to the building so, if you encounter a visitor, please direct them to the main entrance where we can monitor their arrival.

Any parent leaving the building should ensure that their point of exit is securely locked behind them.

Under no circumstances should visitors ask children to let them in through any door. Children are instructed not to do this and they are not being impolite or obstructive if they refuse!

Finally, should you at any time witness breaches of security, in the evening, at weekends or during the holidays, please contact the police immediately.

All children must be signed in/out when attending or returning from an appointment e.g. the dentist.