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Welcome to Nursery!

 Mrs Latham and Mrs Ali

When the children enter nursery they will self register and place name cards next to their picture cards on the board. We encourage independence so the children should hang up their own coats.

Homelink Books go home Friday and return Monday.

Please can you bring wellies each day as we try to get outside each day and experience the outdoor area whatever the weather.

We would also like to start a toy library which will enable children to take a variety of toys home each week. As this relies on parent helpers to support and organise we would welcome any volunteers to help run this.

We will be introducing a ‘Home Link’ book later on in this term. Please could we ask that the child completes one page of the book only per week? This is a link between what we do in school and what the children do at home with you.

Additional Information
Please could you ensure that all your children’s clothing has name labels on them; even if this is just writing their name using a ball point pen? As the weather will no doubt become wetter, could you please provide a pair of Wellington boots for outdoor play?
Can you ensure that all contact details and other paperwork is returned back to school as soon as possible.