In the nursery we admit children who will be three within the current academic year. It is a 26 place nursery – 26 morning places. We offer 30 hours provision.

Please contact the school office on 01613301280 to apply for a nursery place. 


You are legally required to educate your child from the start of the term immediately after his or her fifth birthday. In Tameside, it is Council policy to provide education from the September of the year in which a child is five. For more information about the application process and to apply for a school place, please visit the local authority’s admissions webpage.

Our standard number is 60 which means that this is the total number of children we should have in any one year group. Should the school, or any one age group be over-subscribed the Local Authority will allocate places according to the following criteria:

  • Brothers or sisters already in school
  • Children in Public Care (Looked After Children)
  • Children in families with exceptional medical/social needs
  • The distance from home to school

Information for parents on in-year transfers can be found here.

If you are not satisfied with the allocation recommended for your child you may appeal against the decision. Full details about how to go about this can be found here and enquiries will be answered by the Primary Schools’ Admissions Office at the Council Offices (0161 342 3214/3208).

Waterloo Primary Admission 2022/23 

Waterloo Primary Admissions 2021/22

Waterloo Nursery Admissions 2019-20.pdf

High School Admissions

Your child is starting their last year at primary school and will move up to high school next September. You will need to make some important and exciting decisions regarding your preferences for their high school place.

Please click here to go to the admissions section of the Tameside Council website where you can find out more information and apply online.